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The Unofficial Last Day of Summer and Other Discrepancies August 19, 2008

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You don’t even know how many things I got wrong….. I was so wrong about this summer and anybody who had anything to do with it, that it surprises even me sometimes. I’m usually right about these things too. Anyways, it all started when my brother came up here for the summer and that changed my whole life around in itself but, that wasn’t it and it didn’t end there. Things started to change like I’d never known they could change before. Just in preparation for our up-and-coming first day of school there were things that I wans’t even prepared for. By this time my brother had officially decided to stay in Colorado so, that was all settled and we would once again be going to the same school…


Leap Day August 4, 2008

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I’m tellin you this was a great day and I didn’t even have to create a scene for it to be that way either (which I usually think of doing). Anyways, I’ve noticed some of the completely boring posts around WordPress and I’ve decided to just say that you people are crazy if you really think that not posting about day to day life and instead posting about the election (which as someone who was extremely interested in it at first via reading The President’s Daughter by Ellen Emerson White, who’s really getting tired of it) is going to make some sort of political statement then your even crazier than I thought you were before. I mean I’m just back and better than ever and ready to spice up wordpress’ boring social scene, that has been over-shadowed by this years election, even though I think that it’s going to be the most important one yet. Obama’s going to win. There, I said it, now you can rock back and forth for hours because you just don’t believe it. I don’t really know where the other candidates stand but, Obama and Hilary seem to be all they talk about. I mean I’ve kinda forgtten that there were other candidates running (for the Republican party) especially since last year there were like 30 of them including John Kerry (who should have just given up a long time ago, I mean, this man wants to rule the country so bad that he’ll run ten times before he actuall becomes president, something is really wrong with that). Anways, I just don’t think that Americas ready for a woman to be president, simply because she’s (Hilary) not feminine enough and the first thing I’d say when she becomes president would be “let’s bring in those people who made Chelsea over, you know when she started hanging out with Donatella Versace” (I just don’t think she looked that bad before). She probably should’ve just ran for president after Bill’s term was over. The only bad thing about that would be that we would have had to slowly watch that woman get older and older (note to the politicians wife: keep yourself (most importantly we wouldn’t get to watch Lil’Bush), Bush wasn’t that bad of a president if you ask me (I’m really not the one you want to ask though).


Summer 2008

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Well, let me just say that it’s June 3rd, 2008 and summer is off to a great start. Even though last year I didn’t come on here most of the summer I plan on giving you full coverage of all of the crazy things that go on in the Jones household. First, my brother who came up here for Christmas is coming…..That was what I started a few weeks ago when I suddenly had to get off of the computer and let me tell you, that was going to be a great post (if I could remember any of it). Anyways, my brother’s already here and has been here for a couple of weeks now and whatever else I had to say will just have to wait because like I said, I can’t remember what it was. More recently, I’ve been preparing for my birthday which is next Monday (Whoop Whoop!) and it’s going to be a great one considering that last year was my best one EVER and that’s quite a stretch for me. That’s just about all that’s been going on other than my brother being here and him trying to conform or rather be the opposite of all of us, whatever that means.


Let’s Just Say….. May 6, 2008

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I know that I haven’t been on here in awhile but, there’s something that I have to address.

I’m so tired of people saying that Miley Cyrus is the next Britney Spears. Even so, Britney Spears is just another person that made a few mistakes that people publicized (how would you feel if all of your mistakes were publicized?), she’s human! Let’s just get right down to it. It’s not my usual thing to post about celebrities but, this is something that I feel I’ve got to do in order to give people some perspective. Everybody knows how Miley Cyrus has been in the news recently for MORE pictures but what they think is even worse than that is those infamous Vanity Fair photos that have everyone talking. Anyways, there are more important things to think about than pictures that Miley Cyrus is taking, that are remarkably like pictures that just abouut every-other teen in America takes and puts on Myspace, I mean isn’t that what all of the hub bub is really about? The fact that she’s a role model for young girls everywhere? Well, maybe she is but, I think that parents should be more concerned with what their children are doing and what other influences they have in their lives rather than being concerned with what they see on tv. What is more upsetting is that all of these adults are judging her and her parents (like their kids haven’t made any mistakes or like they as parents have never made mistakes) and yet I still haven’t heard any kids complain, I mean she was fully clothed and even though it was “suggestive” what isn’t? Atleast she did it for a magazine and not just because she wanted to take a picture of herself with barely any clothes on and as to this being a plot to sell magazines I don’t really have anything to say because as a magazine freak and collector I see this magazine all the time and I think seriously about buying it but I never do and when I heard about the picture I knew I just had to have it. I, of course, buy into these things all the time and I don’t care what anybody says these photos are going to go down in history as just one of those things that happens when child stars are ready to grow up and people won’t let them (like Britney Spear’s Rollingstone photos and Christina Aguilera’s Moulin Rouge days). Let’s just say that I’m going to buy the magazine even though I’ve always thought of it as an old lady magazine (even though I’ve never actually opened it up) but, it could end up being something that I spend my magazine money on. Who knows. People just need to be more honest and stop idolizing and letting their kids idolize people just becasue their on tv,and in the words of Miley Cyrus “Nobody’s Perfect” (actually paying attention to the lyrics of the songs and not just who’s singing them might be helpful). That’s all I’ve got to say about that. I just love the perfect world we live in and the perfect people that live in it…………..whatever.


Mr.Magoriums Wonder Imporium April 10, 2008

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O.k. it’s not like all I ever do is sit around watching movies but, that’s what I’d like to do because writing reviews about them is cool. As you may know, we watched Mr. Magoriums Wonder Imporium and it was great, I think it’s another one of those movies that get over-looked like, oh, I don’t know. Anways, the kids seemed to enjoy it and it made sense to me so, I thought it’d make a good movie to review. It was crazy though because since everybody’s been working so hard it’s been even harder to get together to watch movies especially since that was all we used to do. Even though the kids kind of played around like they always do when they watch the movie before everyone else does it turned out to be a pretty good experience and it’s a movie I’ll definetely watch again. From what I’ve heard, most people liked it and thought it was an extremely good movie. I just kind of wonder what the kids really thought of it though, I mean have you ever watched a movie and completely disliked it but, for some odd reason your parents did? That is another one of the mysteries of this little planet we call Earth. Here’s a little sneek peek…..


O.k. so…… March 12, 2008

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Well, now that everyting has been established, let me just say that I am seriously trying to come up with a reason not to publish on this blog all the time and considering that no excuse has come up, I guess I’m gonna have to follow through. Anyways,things have been going great around here and other than a few minor changes nothing really big has happened since my last post which isn’t so bad. Everything juse seems to flow and only get better so, I guess that’s good because I don’t think I could take another upheaval. More importantly it seems like everyone is starting s new job next week including my mother who has decided not to get into the cookie biz and just get another job and work at Jenny Craig on the weekends. Which the way I see it just needs to make her happy, considering that she’ll be working 7 days a week (or rather 28 days straight)for now and I just don’t like the idea (if it’s about the money) of her working all the time, being tired and not being able to enjoy the money that she’s worked so hard for. Other than that my dad’s going to the day shift which means that I’ll be here with the kids all day (I’ve got to prepare myself for that,whoo just thinkin about it) an my aunt got a new job which is cool. That’s all out of the way and it’ll just be a lot of people working really hard for about the next month and constant changes that will be for the better. I guess I’d better being doing something too. Like PaRtaYYY!!!!

By the way I don’t really support the lyrics of this song or wild teen partying, I just love the song. Yes, it was on the Apple commercial.


The Jane Austen Bookclub February 23, 2008

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What a great movie! That’s all I have to say.

 This is one those movies that have a lasting impression.The ending was perfect and you’ve got to see it! Of all of the characters I kept getting the feeling that I knew them from somewhere and even after I looked them up Wikipedia I still didn’t know or really recognize but, a few of them. Anyways the cast was great and perfect for their roles and on top of that the story line was on point. This was one of those perfect movies that you can’t get enough of. It was the perfect blend of comedy, soap operas, and books (by Jane Austen of course) and I think that it definetely should if it hasn’t already, win an award for its originality,even though it has to compete with movies like Becoming Jane ,which I still haven’t seen. The thing that I absoluetly failed to mention is that it has an awesone soundtrack, including Feist! I absolutely loved this movie so, you got to see it! 

I Think This Was In The Movie But, I’m Not Really Sure…..