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Protected: Thanksgiving Mania!!part two November 26, 2006

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Protected: Thanksgiving Mania! part one November 25, 2006

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Protected: Changes#3 November 24, 2006

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Changes#2 November 21, 2006

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 I think my last  post (which I started weeks ago) was really just  started out of  anger and frustrations.The reason why I posted it up there was so that it could be a constant reminder so that it could be ever before me what I was  thinking at that  point and time.I really do like it here in Colorado I just guess I let a few things that people around me were contributing to this get to me.The best thing about is though is that I have  surrounded myself with a more positive atmosphere that I am free to be who I want to be in.As for the secret, now it is no secret, more than ever now is the perfect time for it not to be a secret.The truth is that were moving and at the time it was a secret for those that it needed to be a secret from.The reason for this would be so that people wouldn’t be affended until the time was right.Which life could become a sortof living hell if it got out which happened to be so because as someone (sneaky little devil) who shall remain nameless to protect the innocent (or not) explained to me that they “overheard” a certain conversation on the aforementioned topic.So I guess things got completely worse before they got better.Well,now our living arrangements our quite different from the way that they were planned and are as it seems right now until God moves in the future too.For right now though they’re much better than they were although,I am thankful for where I am now because now I understand where I could be.In conclusion I would like to add that through being in transition for almost 2 years things will get better and that it’s all a matter of time.As I said before it could be much worse and people are in worse situations than were in and haven’t been as fortunate as we have and are surviving just fine so, I of all people should be able to function.I
mean it isn’t like as my mother is I’m carrying
the bulk of the weight on my shoulders.

Changes#1 November 19, 2006

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As you may know my start in Colorado is off to a rocky start , but that doesn’t stop me from doing my best and hoping for the greater.I guess I could say for the record that “I’ve got a secret that I’m not gonna tell”.Oh, you’ll find out soon enough but, I must say that things are trully looking up for a princess like me I mean I really miss everyone in Memphis but I came here for a change not to sit around moping about what I  technically can’t change.I mean I did have the choice of staying there or coming here but, uh, I think I made the right choice.For now atleast for me I think that G-d is really moving on my behalf.I can  say for myself that I am trully thankful and I know that G-d has even more instore for me.I guess for now thats all I need to say.