My life as a Colorado girl………..

Changes#1 November 19, 2006

Filed under: My life,Teens — godsprincess @ 11:06 pm

As you may know my start in Colorado is off to a rocky start , but that doesn’t stop me from doing my best and hoping for the greater.I guess I could say for the record that “I’ve got a secret that I’m not gonna tell”.Oh, you’ll find out soon enough but, I must say that things are trully looking up for a princess like me I mean I really miss everyone in Memphis but I came here for a change not to sit around moping about what I  technically can’t change.I mean I did have the choice of staying there or coming here but, uh, I think I made the right choice.For now atleast for me I think that G-d is really moving on my behalf.I can  say for myself that I am trully thankful and I know that G-d has even more instore for me.I guess for now thats all I need to say.  


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