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Trapped in a Blizzard!!!part one December 20, 2006

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Well, I’ve never been in a blizzard before but, for those who’ve lived here for more than a year are obviously used to it.They even say that leather won’t work in this climate and believe me I have experienced this theory firsthand and it ain’t pretty,so I guess I’ll need another coat (hint:hint).While my dad was still picking up my cousins for school it was freezing cold outside and they weren’t wearing jackets and then when they got in the car they asked him if they could roll down the windows “because they were hot”(now you know black folks don’t like being cold so the heat was blasting).Now, I know for sure that they are crazy because in this same wheather they will have their thermostat on 60 .Thats another reason why living with them just didn’t work for me I mean it was a nice jesture but, while we lived with them I couldn’t quite figure out why I was constantly sick.Diagnoses: no heat in extremely cold wheather.I think the coldest it ever got in Memphis was during that “ice storm” back in like 93′  or something like that.It’s been snowing since very early this morning and it hasn’t stopped once since.It’s a good thing that momma went shopping otherwise we would be just like everyother unprepared person, stuck in traffic or in the snow somewhere trying to get the baby some diapers and some chicken for dinner.It’s also a good thing that I’m out of school for the next few weeks but, as a homeschool student it doesn’t make that much a difference because as I myself have made this crazy list of things to do before 2007′ so my work day seems to almost never end and because of this blizzard I can’t really go anywhere so for now I guess I’m stuck.

So for now the forecast is:Snowing all day long,Extreme winds that could pick up a 35 year-old 300 pound woman while wearing three coats and her usual attire.With a slight chance of me taking a nap and completing a few things on my “extreme list”.