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Music today and my take on it… April 24, 2007

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   mu·sic [myoo-zik]–noun

1. an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color.

Music is something different to everyone in my opinion. It’s always been an expression of the individuals’ personal and true thoughts. It therefore is at times infiltrated with the negative thoughts of the person who is singing them that is why I find myself at times either changing the word to be something positive or I don’t say the words at all. I completely recommend doing this especially for those who listen to Rap, R&B, and Country music as they are some of the main supporters of this negativity which is spreading like wildfire to the youth of today. They don’t really understand the power of their words and so they are singing these song and looking up-to these people who don’t understand it themselves. Such as in Young Jeezys’ song I Luv It he says that he knows that  when he goes to Hell that he’s going to fry. This has become his confession but don’t take my word for it listen carefully to every word that you say and what you hear. You’ll actually find that 99.9% of the music that you listen to is infiltrated with negativity. This opens a whole new door to realising what you have thought and placed into your life by the way of your eyes yourears and your mouth. After-all, out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Whatever you think about all the time will eventually show up in your life. My mother read me this power quote the other day and it reads:

Concentrate on happy things.

 You must be careful what you notice, talk about, or give your attention to. Because, that is what you are identifying with and, that is what you will bring into your life.

Anything that you think about all the time or pay attention to and you do not cast down will eventually show up in your life. If you only think of happy things and positive things those are the things that will show up. Which means that at some point and time in your life either you or someone who had/has spiritual authority over you (such as parent or whoevers’ care God placed you in)  thought into your life. Whatever you fear will eventually show up also. I’ve heard many people say when a tragic thing happens in their live s that it was the thing that they greatly feared. Job says in Job 3:25

For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of is come unto me.

If you read Job carefully and take everything in life as having a spiritual and a natural meaning you should be able to read the Bible not as a historical book but as the book you should be able to model it according to how you want it to turn out. Whenever,  it is an established pattern of thinking only those things can show up. That is why those that are rich in their minds  first are able to continue to be rich in their external lives.


An Updated Life….part 2

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Once again, I’ve come to share pieces of my updated life and the fact that things have definitely changed for me for the better . All I know is that I have alot more to look forward to than a Degrassi Marathon. I must make reference to the fact that just about a month I was saying that I could easily babysit in my neighborhood and make tons of money because not only am I good at it but, I love to do it. I have to say that I had to consider the fact that in this situation I am was not trusting God and that I was operating in the natural and not the super-natural. Last Friday, my aunt asked me to babysit to babysit on the 26th and then this Thursday then when I got home my mother who has just gotten a job at Jenny Craig is going to pay me $50 a week just to babysit my siblings. For this I didn’t have to advertise, I don’t have to be bogged down to Colorado for the whole summer and I don’t have to worry about tracking people down and dealing with crazy people and their children. This is all in concordance with the fact that I only expect the best things and that’s what I get. My expectancy has also reached an all time high as I’ve been Thrift Store shopping for years and now it seems as if I had to move all the way to Colorado before I was able to find so many wonderful and interesting books. My mother who is to blame for my love of books introduced me to the Salvation Army here which has a bag of books every Monday and Friday for $2.49. This introduced me to a whole new world of the teen romance books that I so very much long for such as the Wildfire Romances,  Sweet Valley High books, Sweet Dreams Romances, and so many other books. Since the only limitations that exist are those that exist in your mind being able to be only limited by a bag is a wonderful thing because when a good shipment of books come in (such as a very large one filled with teen books) I will be the one to go and get as many as possible (meaning everyone that I can find although careful not to be greedy). I believe that what ever is mine is mine and that no one can take what is mine therefore, it will be there whenever I go back, as me and my mother have both agreed not to go back for awhile so that we can give some other people a chance. My mother who is trying to read  every book that she can on positive thinking ( and is also supplying me with them) is finding all kinds of books and one  that she found that is worth hundreds of dollars that she basically got for free in the bag of books ( she’s not selling it so don’t get any ideas).This and other things has arisen in my updated life and many more things are to come as my life only gets better and better and even as I’m writing this I remember that Chief Apostle preached that whatever is written can’t be changed unless you question it with the words of your mouth. I believe that if your thoughts are always positive, everything that you say out of your mouth is positive and if your belief is only in God and not in man or other resources you life will turn out just the way you want it to.


An Updated Life… April 11, 2007

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My life has truly taken a turn for the best  in the months since Christmas. I have much more confidence and I believe that anything (that is from G-d) can happen at anytime. Everything in my life has changed, even the people around me. I now am actually excited to spend the weekend with my other cousins and find that truly hard to believe, this could be attributed to the fact that we’ve put everything behind us and have decided not to press our ways of thinking and lifestyles upon others. That is how we got past all of those things although there are certain patterns of thinking that I will not allow in my atmosphere therefore I have to clear some things up when they arise. Other than that were fine. Now things are actually happening in my life and I don’t sit in the house on the weekend doing nothing and I just will not accept that! Whatever you expect to happen in your life is going to happen. I always hope for the best in situations and in people and that’s exactly what I get. Take for instance the Kirk Franklin concert that I went to a few weeks after I got here. I didn’t expect to sit in the balcony therefore I ended up sitting almost right up on the stage which is way better than watching from the balcony I’ll tell you that! My weekend as it already seems is looking quite up for us all. I’m actually getting pulled in different directions. My aunt wants me to come Thursday to babysit, my cousin is out of school Friday and wants me to come with her and her friend to the movies or something and my parents are making plans so it’s getting pretty complicated. My cousin Devon’s b’day is Thursday and so her birthday party is on Saturday, on top of that they’re school is all year-round and so they’re out for three weeks and have no babysitter. The good thing though is that they’re going to Las Vegas for apart of that time and there is ( as I expect it to be) a chance of me going with them the other highlight is that my cousin Teneisha  has asked me to go to her Junior Prom with her as she won’t be going with anyone. I asked my mom who said she’d see once she prayed on it and my dad didn’t say anything for forty-five minutes ( I’m not exaggerating)  when I asked him and he still hasn’t said anything yet but, I’m still hopeful although the thought of a thirteen year-old going to Prom sounds a little weird I could still go and everything go smoothly besides,it is at the school. Other than those dilemnas, money is at an all time high and continues to constantly show up in my life as that is all I expect. I will not accept failure in any area in my life and all of my goals will be met to the fullest and will even be far greter than I could expect. For now I’m just gonna keep all that I have started suchnas this blog in the midst of all of the promising things that are to come. Far greater than I could expect.


T’was the night before Christmas part three April 10, 2007

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Ha Ha…

Tricked you again made you think that I would actually sit there and talk all about ploys and not use it one last time(well, maybe not the last time).Lets get back to the subject…..

Christmas morning 2006 which happened Monday december 25th 2006 was atleast for that week and weekend one of the most anticipated days yet. I woke at an astonishing 7:30 way tooo early for me yet I wasn’t tired all day(amazing).I immediately thanked God for the day and I got up to go downstairs only to find that at 7:30 in the morning on Chrismas morning those doggone kids weren’t up.I myself plainly remember waking up at 5:00 o’clock very excited going through the house proclaiming that it was Christmas morning clad in footsie pajamas. Well, maybe not footsie pajamas but, you know pajamas all the same.However, these kids didn’t get up until around 8:30, this was very dissapointing to me because I had expected so much more from them yet the did not live up to my expectations.The order in which everyone got up was as follows: me, daddy, Justin,Brandon,Lauren,and finally momma. Before they all got up daddy started to bring presnts from down in the basement . Once everyone appeared presents began being opened now, I must say that this was the best Christmas that we’ve had in awhile and that I was surprised to find out that my expetancies were met and they went beyond what I could ask. I got the mp3 player that I wanted, a digital camera, lots of clothes and also cd’s that I have come to love. Of course, I believe that more great and wonderful things are to come and that nothing can stand in my way to getting everthing that I want need and desire. I never knew these feelings trully before so the things that I get are far better. As usual the Jones family absolutely had to gather somewhere so we of course gathered at the place of former mischief (see previous post), of course everyone else wasn’t there but, it went smoothly enough. I was rather surprised by these events and the ones that occured afterwards as 07 was really looking up at this point.