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T’was the night before Christmas part three April 10, 2007

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Ha Ha…

Tricked you again made you think that I would actually sit there and talk all about ploys and not use it one last time(well, maybe not the last time).Lets get back to the subject…..

Christmas morning 2006 which happened Monday december 25th 2006 was atleast for that week and weekend one of the most anticipated days yet. I woke at an astonishing 7:30 way tooo early for me yet I wasn’t tired all day(amazing).I immediately thanked God for the day and I got up to go downstairs only to find that at 7:30 in the morning on Chrismas morning those doggone kids weren’t up.I myself plainly remember waking up at 5:00 o’clock very excited going through the house proclaiming that it was Christmas morning clad in footsie pajamas. Well, maybe not footsie pajamas but, you know pajamas all the same.However, these kids didn’t get up until around 8:30, this was very dissapointing to me because I had expected so much more from them yet the did not live up to my expectations.The order in which everyone got up was as follows: me, daddy, Justin,Brandon,Lauren,and finally momma. Before they all got up daddy started to bring presnts from down in the basement . Once everyone appeared presents began being opened now, I must say that this was the best Christmas that we’ve had in awhile and that I was surprised to find out that my expetancies were met and they went beyond what I could ask. I got the mp3 player that I wanted, a digital camera, lots of clothes and also cd’s that I have come to love. Of course, I believe that more great and wonderful things are to come and that nothing can stand in my way to getting everthing that I want need and desire. I never knew these feelings trully before so the things that I get are far better. As usual the Jones family absolutely had to gather somewhere so we of course gathered at the place of former mischief (see previous post), of course everyone else wasn’t there but, it went smoothly enough. I was rather surprised by these events and the ones that occured afterwards as 07 was really looking up at this point.


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