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An Updated Life… April 11, 2007

Filed under: Resolutions,Teens — godsprincess @ 12:03 am

My life has truly taken a turn for the best  in the months since Christmas. I have much more confidence and I believe that anything (that is from G-d) can happen at anytime. Everything in my life has changed, even the people around me. I now am actually excited to spend the weekend with my other cousins and find that truly hard to believe, this could be attributed to the fact that we’ve put everything behind us and have decided not to press our ways of thinking and lifestyles upon others. That is how we got past all of those things although there are certain patterns of thinking that I will not allow in my atmosphere therefore I have to clear some things up when they arise. Other than that were fine. Now things are actually happening in my life and I don’t sit in the house on the weekend doing nothing and I just will not accept that! Whatever you expect to happen in your life is going to happen. I always hope for the best in situations and in people and that’s exactly what I get. Take for instance the Kirk Franklin concert that I went to a few weeks after I got here. I didn’t expect to sit in the balcony therefore I ended up sitting almost right up on the stage which is way better than watching from the balcony I’ll tell you that! My weekend as it already seems is looking quite up for us all. I’m actually getting pulled in different directions. My aunt wants me to come Thursday to babysit, my cousin is out of school Friday and wants me to come with her and her friend to the movies or something and my parents are making plans so it’s getting pretty complicated. My cousin Devon’s b’day is Thursday and so her birthday party is on Saturday, on top of that they’re school is all year-round and so they’re out for three weeks and have no babysitter. The good thing though is that they’re going to Las Vegas for apart of that time and there is ( as I expect it to be) a chance of me going with them the other highlight is that my cousin Teneisha  has asked me to go to her Junior Prom with her as she won’t be going with anyone. I asked my mom who said she’d see once she prayed on it and my dad didn’t say anything for forty-five minutes ( I’m not exaggerating)  when I asked him and he still hasn’t said anything yet but, I’m still hopeful although the thought of a thirteen year-old going to Prom sounds a little weird I could still go and everything go smoothly besides,it is at the school. Other than those dilemnas, money is at an all time high and continues to constantly show up in my life as that is all I expect. I will not accept failure in any area in my life and all of my goals will be met to the fullest and will even be far greter than I could expect. For now I’m just gonna keep all that I have started suchnas this blog in the midst of all of the promising things that are to come. Far greater than I could expect.


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