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An Updated Life….part 2 April 24, 2007

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Once again, I’ve come to share pieces of my updated life and the fact that things have definitely changed for me for the better . All I know is that I have alot more to look forward to than a Degrassi Marathon. I must make reference to the fact that just about a month I was saying that I could easily babysit in my neighborhood and make tons of money because not only am I good at it but, I love to do it. I have to say that I had to consider the fact that in this situation I am was not trusting God and that I was operating in the natural and not the super-natural. Last Friday, my aunt asked me to babysit to babysit on the 26th and then this Thursday then when I got home my mother who has just gotten a job at Jenny Craig is going to pay me $50 a week just to babysit my siblings. For this I didn’t have to advertise, I don’t have to be bogged down to Colorado for the whole summer and I don’t have to worry about tracking people down and dealing with crazy people and their children. This is all in concordance with the fact that I only expect the best things and that’s what I get. My expectancy has also reached an all time high as I’ve been Thrift Store shopping for years and now it seems as if I had to move all the way to Colorado before I was able to find so many wonderful and interesting books. My mother who is to blame for my love of books introduced me to the Salvation Army here which has a bag of books every Monday and Friday for $2.49. This introduced me to a whole new world of the teen romance books that I so very much long for such as the Wildfire Romances,  Sweet Valley High books, Sweet Dreams Romances, and so many other books. Since the only limitations that exist are those that exist in your mind being able to be only limited by a bag is a wonderful thing because when a good shipment of books come in (such as a very large one filled with teen books) I will be the one to go and get as many as possible (meaning everyone that I can find although careful not to be greedy). I believe that what ever is mine is mine and that no one can take what is mine therefore, it will be there whenever I go back, as me and my mother have both agreed not to go back for awhile so that we can give some other people a chance. My mother who is trying to read  every book that she can on positive thinking ( and is also supplying me with them) is finding all kinds of books and one  that she found that is worth hundreds of dollars that she basically got for free in the bag of books ( she’s not selling it so don’t get any ideas).This and other things has arisen in my updated life and many more things are to come as my life only gets better and better and even as I’m writing this I remember that Chief Apostle preached that whatever is written can’t be changed unless you question it with the words of your mouth. I believe that if your thoughts are always positive, everything that you say out of your mouth is positive and if your belief is only in God and not in man or other resources you life will turn out just the way you want it to.


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