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Nobody knows….. May 3, 2007

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Nobody really knows the consequences of their actions until after they do something stupid. If you never do anything stupid you wouldn’t have to worry about the consequences of your actions. The first issue with all of these actions is that the people that you are affecting have to first at some point and time believe that these things are capable of happening to them. This is the law of agreement. If you believe something bad is going to happen to you it is just a matter of time before this happens to you. Of course, you have to wholeheartedly believe that this is going to happen to you and if you haven’t been taught on these things it is especially important that pay closely to what I am saying. If you or someone you know has had something happen to them that they didn’t want in their life somewhere in their mind there was either an “if”, they spoke it, they thought it up or they were in fear that it would happen. There can never be an if because it’s just a matter of time before the “if” shows up.I believe that only positive things and edifying things can show up in my life which is why at this point and time in my life.This is my year and it can be yours too if you only believe it and hold images in your mind of things that you want to show up! In almost everything that I post I always have to say these things because I only want to share what I’ve seen work! I saw these Prom magazines in King Soopers that I wanted because they were in a three pack for $10.00. I really wanted these! Now, I know what your thinking: “Won’t it be a few years before you’ll be able to go to Prom?”. Not technically, as I was  invited this year my my cousin but, as I hear it, my dad didn’t want me to go. I think it had something to do with the fact that when I asked him he didn’t say anything for 45 minutes and when he did say something it was about his chubba. I thought he’d say yes considering that he rarely says anything to me about anything. I guess not. It wasn’t that we couldn’t afford it because if it was really meant for me to go God would have supplied the money, after-all, my cousin got her dress from Ross for $40.00. I wanted to get mine from Forever 21 anyway and their dresses aren’t that expensive. Which gave me the awesome idea to buy dresses from Thrift Stores, Re-make them and either keep them for myself or sell them to other people which would be really great as I’m always eyeing some vintage find or dress. Which are even more prevelant in Memphis and here there are so many really nice Thrift Stores. You know me, I’m always coming up with something to do to have something original that no one else will have on. Which is why I love this time of year. O.K. that’s enough you’ll have to read my other blog to get the rest of that story……


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