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Mother’s Day Crazy….. Part 1 May 10, 2007

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O.K., so I haven’t really been getting as personal as I was last fall. Writing about some of those things was hilarious! I never knew exactly  how funny they were, until now! I know that Mother’s Day is Sunday so now let the mini series begin! The monitor on the main computer  is out so uh, I’m writing on my mom’s laptop which is rare because she wouldn’t even let me think about getting on it before, now I have an excuse! This surprisingly enough has everything to do with Mother’s Day. My mother now has adopted some expensive tastes(such as I have had my whole life), this makes thing much more complicated now as a few years ago she would have taken any little thing that I gave her. This I believe has everything to do with my rise in fortune. I absolutely must tell you that my cousins DJ and Ren bought her a  cake and flowers for mothers day so now the pressure is on, that’s right I’m GONNA get competitive with those little ____  (you interpret that). Shoo, she made it that way she just kept goin’ on and on about “how sweet they are” and how her own kids ain’t never done that for her (we ain’t neva had no money around mother’s day until now). She even was on the phone with Aunt Gwen goin’ on and on so, you know I had to catch myself (I almost said “you know what heifer?”, but I didn’t , that wasn’t nothin’ but the devil, ooooohhhhhh!)I settled by sayin’ “they better not get me anything for my birthday (which is June 23 BY THE WAY), or I’m gonna go off!”. My questions  are gonna be “Momma, Daddy, where are my flowers?. “Momma, where is my cake?”.”Y’all need toget a move on to the “surprise” birthday party that your throwing for me.” ” Where’s my mound of presents (here’s the guest list in case you were wondering who to invite to it), shoo, did you know how much I really like the color pink?” This ia a normal response right? You know you’d say the same thing! June is afterall Ashlee’s  month of fun…..Right…that’s what you need to be’s aaaaaallllllllll about me fun!


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