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My B’Day June 23, 2007

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Today’s my B’day!!Woo Hoo! O.K. I ‘ll calm down (a little). This  has been already by far the best birthday that I’v ever had! So far I’ve gotten subscriptions to Seventeen and Cosmo-Girl, an outfit, and lots and I do mean lots of craft supplies. Once my mom gets off work we’re going to eat and to shop so that’ll be fun! I can’t wait! I just wanna tell the world! I’m 14!!!~I’ll tell ya more later meanwhile,enjoy your day and listen to this….. 


Mother’s Day Crazy…..Part 2

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Mother’s Day was trully CRAZY!

 It started out with me waking up wondering what I was really going to get her and if I was going to have a chance. See, the day before my dad went out with my uncles (as they did almost every weekend) and they were out till 5 in the mornin (I had to do it)  like 3:00 the next day (I don’t care how early it was, after midnight it’s the next day). I know because Lolo woke up in around that time and my mom and dad brought her in my room and daddy was stillfullu dressed.Brandon and I had planned to spend the night with my cousin’s house.Didn’t happen that way!!! Of course, nobody knew that because they were expected but, didn’t come.  Back to Mother’s Day, daddy came in and told me to get dressed. We went to Wal-Mart, so, as it turned out I only got paid $50 that day so I was  a little short.However, my mom still ended up with A Walk To Remember, A Walk In The Clouds, and Headbands. Really good gifts I’d sa y if you asked me. After we gave out gifts and cards my uncle Darren and aunt Gwen came and my dad went with them,so did I. It was a very eventful day and It turned out better than I’d hoped. We ended up in some other city and we laughed basically the whole time that we were out and it was fun.Never a dull moment in our family…..