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Thanksiving Mania!part one The Second Year… November 26, 2007

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I know it’s been a very long time since my last post but, hey, I’ve had my reasons (of course that’s what I always says). This is the second year that I’ve been here for Thanksgiving and I must say that a lot has happened since last year. Just like last year I’m writing about it a day or two later from my point of view of it all.Everything,has changed for the better of course but, nothing is as it was last year.  As I read previous posts I see that I am either more or less cynical than I was last year although which one it is I can’t quite figure out. Maybe, I’m just more or less cynical about somethings than I am about others,oh, who knows. I could’ve sworn however that being less cynical was one of my resolutions(guess that didn’t happen yet). Anyways, I’m reading Teen Idol- By Meg Cabot  and it’s really good, her writings have such an element of truth and even maybe her own feelings and theories that you can just so easily get lost in them. This one is only the third book that I’ve read of hers so you’ll here more about this later when I’ve read a few more or her books that I can already tell are going to be good. Besides being book crazy this year, it would simply be irresponsible not to add that we’ve all gradually gone Smallville(a.k.a. Smallvizzlle)  crazy this year. That’s like our show,we just can’t enough of Clark and Lana. We’ve also watched shows like The Unit and Gilmore Girls which sadly as all great shows that have been canceled, has become the end of an era as we watch the seventh and final season (which you know us,we haven’t watched the seventh season because it will be the end. Other than that, there is so much more going on but,unfortunately for you I’ll write about later.

 Ta Ta…..