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Holiday News!!! December 20, 2007

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I said that I  would post more often but, maybe I lied so, get off of my back! I will however share some holiay news with you. First, my brother’s coming to town, that’s right, he is. As a matter of fact, we’re waiting on my mom to come back from picking him up from the airport and the twins are upstairs attempting to sleep through Brandon’s efforts to wake them up. All’s well that ends well. I also happen to know that we’ve already got a Wii, yes, this year’s most sought after video game and there are already presents under the tree, more to wrap ( not counting the ones at other peoples houses) and more shopping to be done. This will be the best Christmas ever!!! Everything has fallen together this year and is 100x’s better that it was last year and that was the best Christmas so far. Just think of the possibilities!! They’re endless! I have accomplished so much and everyone’s happier. I’m getting an I-Pod Nano, a laptop, books and tons of clothes and gifts from different people. I’ve truly got a lot to be thankful for this year and I’m on my way to seeing every dream come true. This will be the first year ever that we’ve lived in our own, fully furnished house with a tree, gifts, money, and a true sense of family.