My life as a Colorado girl………..

O.k. so…… March 12, 2008

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Well, now that everyting has been established, let me just say that I am seriously trying to come up with a reason not to publish on this blog all the time and considering that no excuse has come up, I guess I’m gonna have to follow through. Anyways,things have been going great around here and other than a few minor changes nothing really big has happened since my last post which isn’t so bad. Everything juse seems to flow and only get better so, I guess that’s good because I don’t think I could take another upheaval. More importantly it seems like everyone is starting s new job next week including my mother who has decided not to get into the cookie biz and just get another job and work at Jenny Craig on the weekends. Which the way I see it just needs to make her happy, considering that she’ll be working 7 days a week (or rather 28 days straight)for now and I just don’t like the idea (if it’s about the money) of her working all the time, being tired and not being able to enjoy the money that she’s worked so hard for. Other than that my dad’s going to the day shift which means that I’ll be here with the kids all day (I’ve got to prepare myself for that,whoo just thinkin about it) an my aunt got a new job which is cool. That’s all out of the way and it’ll just be a lot of people working really hard for about the next month and constant changes that will be for the better. I guess I’d better being doing something too. Like PaRtaYYY!!!!

By the way I don’t really support the lyrics of this song or wild teen partying, I just love the song. Yes, it was on the Apple commercial.