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Everything’s Changing February 22, 2008

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This year (so far) has been one of constant change and things completely out-of-the-ordinary. There are those things that you welcome and those things that make you kinda sad. For one we’ve started getting comfortable in our house and really enjoying it which is great, because, I mean after a year you’d think you’d already be comfortable right? That wasn’t exactly the case, because, we simply have been thinking about a bigger house since we’ve been living here, especially me considering that my room isn’t as big as it could be. On top of that money has been rolling in and my mom’s starting a new business although,a few set backs might have caused  some doubts she’s doing great. I’ve been able to purchase things and receive things that I’ve been wanting to get for a long time. Anyways, I think that every thing’s been fine and the holidays have done us well, but, I definitely write about that later. One of the MOST IMPORTANT changes though is that one of the Jones families have moved to Virginia, you know the ones that I referred to as”them” ( also the ones that got us to come here)before? Well, let me just set that record straight. They are not a “THEM” they are my  family and the things that I wrote back then (which I gave post passwords to protect the innocent and the integrity of the posts) were simply the ramblings of a self-obsessed, over-spiritual teenage girl who had too much time on her hands. Now that we’ve got that straight letus just say that all is well, apologies have been made, we’re cool, and I’ll tell you more about that later. Also for the record,I know that I’ve been posting like I should and so you don’t really know all that much about my life right now. I assure  you that I am going to make this blog top priority ( I know I’ve said that before) and I’m OFFICIALLY naming it Blog of The Month (because I love it), which means that it will be the main blog that I’ll be paying attention to ( so that I can get my people back, sorry for the delay) and will spend less time on my fashion blog. It is true in fact that I have been working on a lot of posts that I haven’t been able to finish or publish right away because they correspond with other posts. That’s that.


Alvin And The Chipmunks The Movie January 31, 2008

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Today, we went to see Alvin And The Chipmunks. That movie was the bomb! If you loved them before this movie makes you love them even more. It was so hilarious! The story line was great, they had the perfect cast (including Justin Long and Jesse McCartney)and the music was on point. Of course going to the movies with my family is always interesting. Take for instance when we went to see Shrek The Third the kids wasted a soda in my lap (good thing I was wearing a skirt and it dried before the movie was over). The extremely interesting thing is that Lolo managed to be eating popcorn (from where I don’t know), switch seats ten times, eat at a different table, and Justin also managed chill in his seat as if he was at home. Other than the usual craziness of going to eat at Flatiron and seeing a movie, we had a really great time.


We Just Got A Second Car!!! January 11, 2008

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Oh, my gosh! I can’t believe it! Forget about everything else. Forget about all of the posts I’m going to write. Forget about how wonderful the last month of my life has been. We just got a second car! Gotta go. Apparently I’ve got to go snuggle now. More about that later…..


Holiday News!!! December 20, 2007

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I said that I  would post more often but, maybe I lied so, get off of my back! I will however share some holiay news with you. First, my brother’s coming to town, that’s right, he is. As a matter of fact, we’re waiting on my mom to come back from picking him up from the airport and the twins are upstairs attempting to sleep through Brandon’s efforts to wake them up. All’s well that ends well. I also happen to know that we’ve already got a Wii, yes, this year’s most sought after video game and there are already presents under the tree, more to wrap ( not counting the ones at other peoples houses) and more shopping to be done. This will be the best Christmas ever!!! Everything has fallen together this year and is 100x’s better that it was last year and that was the best Christmas so far. Just think of the possibilities!! They’re endless! I have accomplished so much and everyone’s happier. I’m getting an I-Pod Nano, a laptop, books and tons of clothes and gifts from different people. I’ve truly got a lot to be thankful for this year and I’m on my way to seeing every dream come true. This will be the first year ever that we’ve lived in our own, fully furnished house with a tree, gifts, money, and a true sense of family.


Thanksiving Mania!part one The Second Year… November 26, 2007

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I know it’s been a very long time since my last post but, hey, I’ve had my reasons (of course that’s what I always says). This is the second year that I’ve been here for Thanksgiving and I must say that a lot has happened since last year. Just like last year I’m writing about it a day or two later from my point of view of it all.Everything,has changed for the better of course but, nothing is as it was last year.  As I read previous posts I see that I am either more or less cynical than I was last year although which one it is I can’t quite figure out. Maybe, I’m just more or less cynical about somethings than I am about others,oh, who knows. I could’ve sworn however that being less cynical was one of my resolutions(guess that didn’t happen yet). Anyways, I’m reading Teen Idol- By Meg Cabot  and it’s really good, her writings have such an element of truth and even maybe her own feelings and theories that you can just so easily get lost in them. This one is only the third book that I’ve read of hers so you’ll here more about this later when I’ve read a few more or her books that I can already tell are going to be good. Besides being book crazy this year, it would simply be irresponsible not to add that we’ve all gradually gone Smallville(a.k.a. Smallvizzlle)  crazy this year. That’s like our show,we just can’t enough of Clark and Lana. We’ve also watched shows like The Unit and Gilmore Girls which sadly as all great shows that have been canceled, has become the end of an era as we watch the seventh and final season (which you know us,we haven’t watched the seventh season because it will be the end. Other than that, there is so much more going on but,unfortunately for you I’ll write about later.

 Ta Ta…..


My B’Day June 23, 2007

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Today’s my B’day!!Woo Hoo! O.K. I ‘ll calm down (a little). This  has been already by far the best birthday that I’v ever had! So far I’ve gotten subscriptions to Seventeen and Cosmo-Girl, an outfit, and lots and I do mean lots of craft supplies. Once my mom gets off work we’re going to eat and to shop so that’ll be fun! I can’t wait! I just wanna tell the world! I’m 14!!!~I’ll tell ya more later meanwhile,enjoy your day and listen to this….. 


Mother’s Day Crazy…..Part 2

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Mother’s Day was trully CRAZY!

 It started out with me waking up wondering what I was really going to get her and if I was going to have a chance. See, the day before my dad went out with my uncles (as they did almost every weekend) and they were out till 5 in the mornin (I had to do it)  like 3:00 the next day (I don’t care how early it was, after midnight it’s the next day). I know because Lolo woke up in around that time and my mom and dad brought her in my room and daddy was stillfullu dressed.Brandon and I had planned to spend the night with my cousin’s house.Didn’t happen that way!!! Of course, nobody knew that because they were expected but, didn’t come.  Back to Mother’s Day, daddy came in and told me to get dressed. We went to Wal-Mart, so, as it turned out I only got paid $50 that day so I was  a little short.However, my mom still ended up with A Walk To Remember, A Walk In The Clouds, and Headbands. Really good gifts I’d sa y if you asked me. After we gave out gifts and cards my uncle Darren and aunt Gwen came and my dad went with them,so did I. It was a very eventful day and It turned out better than I’d hoped. We ended up in some other city and we laughed basically the whole time that we were out and it was fun.Never a dull moment in our family…..